• Redding City Ballet’s The Nutcracker- Tentative for 2020

    Cast Member Agreement

    Performance Fee

    The performance fee is based on the part received and the amount of rehearsals required. This fee is non-refundable.


    Please come to rehearsals on time, prepared to dance. Please sign-in on the roll sheet on the front desk. Dancers who miss more than two rehearsals will be in danger of being cut from the cast or having a reduced part, at the choreographer’s discretion. Attendance at all run-throughs is mandatory. Corps dancers need to attend class before rehearsal to warm up. 

    All rehearsals will be held at The Redding Arts Project until the tech and dress rehearsals at the Cascade Theatre starting Monday, December 7th (see attached schedule). We also have a Google Calendar set up and will try to keep that as up-to-date as possible. A link to the calendar will be sent in an email.

    Please be sure to wear appropriate dance clothing for rehearsals. Boys in Party Scene need white shirts, black sweat pants, black ballet shoes.

    Training Requirement:

    For all dancing parts, a Training Requirement form must be filled out and turned in at the first rehearsal. Dancers training at TheRAP do not need one.


    Our show runs on your generous volunteer support. We ask that each family sign up for and complete 5 hours of volunteer work on the production. Possible areas are: costumes, promotions, poster distribution, Sugar Plum Tea, t-shirt sale, etc. Please sign up for desired area at the first cast meeting. There will also be a Sign-up Genius email sent out. 


    There are personal items the dancers will need in addition to their provided costume.

     Party Scene Girls- nude camisole leotard, pink tights, black ballet slippers

    Party Scene Boys- plain white undershirt, white collared dress shirt, white knee-high socks, black ballet slippers

    Party Scene Women- nude camisole leotard, nude tights, black character shoes, costume jewelry 

    Party Scene Men- white dress shirt, black socks, black jazz shoes or black ballroom shoes

    Little Mice- nude camisole leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers

    Big Mice- nude camisole leotard, pink tights, shoes TBD

    Little Soldiers- black ballet slippers

    Big Soldiers- TBD, black ballet shoes

    Angels- nude camisole leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers

    Marzipan- Nude camisole leotard, pink tights, pointe shoes

    Peppermints- nude camisole leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers

    Corps- Nude camisole leotard, pink back-seamed tights, appropriate shoes


    If you have an emergency and are unable to attend rehearsal, please contact your respective choreographer first. 24-hour notice, if possible, is appreciated. Please allow us 24 hours to respond to emails. You may also leave messages at the studio- 245-1019.


    Diana Christensen- Party Scene, Chinese

    Email: diana@rcmtc.org

    Ashley Ramsour- Snow, Flowers, Marzipan

    Email: ashleyramsour@yahoo.com

    Julie Smyrnos- Battle, Angels, Spanish

    Email: juliesmyrnos@gmail.com

    Annie Crawford- Peppermints




    Ads for Program

    Each cast member is required to sell two (2) ads or bring in two (2) sponsorships. Ads can be personal messages to your dancer or brought in from businesses. The deadline for ads or the equivalent payment is Friday, November 1stPlease see attached form. 


    School Show Sponsorships

    For $150, a business or individual can sponsor a class to attend one of our school shows on December 11th. Please see attached letter of introduction for more information.


    Nutcracker T-Shirts

    The Redding Arts Project will be ordering t-shirts and sweatshirts featuring the Nutcracker logo. T-Shirt order forms are due back to theRAP by Friday, September 20th. Please make checks payable to TheRAP.


    DVD Orders

    DVD’s will be available to order for $35 through The Redding Arts Project. Order form to come.


    Show Order:

    If there are any questions about which act your child is in, please refer to the following:

    First Act: Party Scene Kids and Adults, Dolls, Little Mice, Big Mice, Little Soldiers, Big Soldiers, Snow

    Second Act: Angels, Spanish, Arabian, Marzipan, Russian, Chinese, Peppermints, Flowers


    Tech and Dress Rehearsals: 

    All Cascade Theater rehearsals are closed rehearsals due to insurance reasons. Parents are welcome to wait at the studio during that time. We hope to let the younger children go as soon as possible. We will plan on being done at 9:00 pm and will call the parents if we get done sooner. That being said, we have gone over in the past and appreciate your patience with the rehearsal process. Make sure to leave a phone number where you can be reached on the sign-in form when you drop your child off. Please send a bag of things to keep them occupied during the waiting as well as water and simple snacks that won’t make a mess.


    Tech Rehearsal- costumes only, no make-up required.

    Dress Rehearsal- Hair, make-up, costumes. We will run this just like the real show so do everything you plan to do for the actual show.


    School Performance: Friday, December 11th

    Call time – 8:00am, Children call at 8:30am

    Drop your child off at the studio. The show begins at 9:30 and should be over by 11:00am. The Cascade Theatre has asked us to remind parents and cast not to park in the US Bank parking lot during the day of the school performance.  Please remember this is a business day for US Bank.


    Friday Night, Saturday Matinee and Night Performances

    Drop off your child at the studio at the listed call time. Children’s call time is 6:15pm for the Friday and Saturday evening shows and 12:45pm for the Saturday matinee. The evening shows start at 7:30pm and the matinee starts at 2pm. There will be an adult in the lobby to check them in. After each performance, pick up your child at the studio and make sure to see the adult in the lobby to sign them out just as you would at school.  We will not let them leave with someone else without prior written notice from you.


    2019 Rehearsal Schedule: Subject to change if problems come up


    Fridays 5-5:45pm



    Battle (Mice, Soldiers, Prince, Clara)

    Saturdays 10:30-11:30am


    Wednesdays 7-8pm


    As needed on Fri or Sat mornings, set by choreographer


    Thursdays 7-8pm

    Party Scene

    Saturdays 9-10:30am


    Thursdays 6-7pm




    Mondays 5:30-7pm


    Tentatively Fridays 4-5pm


    Tuesdays 8-9pm

    Sugar Plum/Pas

    Fridays 10:30am- as set by choreographer









    Snow 5:30-7pm

    Flowers 8-9pm

    Chinese 7-8pm

    Peppermints 6-7pm

    Marzipan 7-8pm

    Angels 5-5:45pm

    Party 9-10:30am

    Battle 10:30-11:30am 


    Important Dates: Check the Google Calendar for most up to date info.





    Sat, Nov 7th


    Second Act- gift giving and finale 



    TheRAP studio

    Sat, Nov 14th


    First Act run-thru


    TheRAP studio

    Saturday, Nov 21


    Full run-thru


    TheRAP studio

    Sat, Dec 5th


    Full run-thru


    TheRAP studio


    Mon, Dec 7th

    Full run-thru, no costumes


    Cascade Theatre


    Tues, Dec 8th

    Tech rehearsal, costumes, no make-up



    TheRAP studio


    Wed, Dec 9th


    Tech rehearsal, costumes, no make-up



    Cascade Theatre


    Thurs, Dec 10th

    Dress rehearsal, Full costumes, hair and make-up


    Cascade Theatre


    Fri, Dec 11th


    School show

    8am call time

    9:30am show

    Cascade Theatre

    Kids @theRAP

    Fri, Dec 11th


    Evening show

    Opening night

    5:30pm general call

    6:15pm kids call

    Cascade Theatre

    Curtain @7:30pm

    Sat, Dec 12th



    12pm general call

    12:45pm kids call

    Cascade Theatre

    Curtain @2pm

    Sat, Dec 12th


    Evening show

    5:30pm general call

    6:15pm kids call

    Cascade Theatre

    Curtain @7:30pm


  • RCB Junior Company ages 11-14
    Pre-pointe class
    Contemporary class
    Level III classes
    Tuition Cost: $156 per month
    Possible scholarship class
    Company Jacket
    Special performance opportunities
    Discounted workshops/trips
    Possible Scholarship class
  • RCB Trainee Company ages 14-18
    Pointe Class or Pilates
    Contemporary class
    Level IV/V classes
    Scholarship Class
    Tuition cost: $174 per month
    Company Jacket 
    Special performance opportunities
    Scholarship class
    Discounted workshops/trips
    Performance contract and pointe shoe allowance
  • RCB Company ages 17 and up
    Company Class
    One Ballet Level IV/V class (additional classes optional) 
    Contemporary class
    Tuition cost: $80 per month
    Company Jacket
    Special performance opportunities
    Scholarship Class
    Discounted workshops/trips
    Performance contract and stipend