• The Redding Arts Project's School of Dance

    The Children’s Program is divided into Preschool for ages 2–4, Rhythm and Movement (incorporating tap) for ages 3-6 and Creative Movement for ages 5–6. These programs are a lead-up to formal ballet and tap instruction and introduce children to music and movement through a structured progression that emphasizes creativity and group interaction.

    Our Duet class for our youngest dancers encourages children to explore music and movement with a caregiver.

    Enrollment in the Children's program is based on a 9-week session. Enrollment in consecutive sessions is encouraged but not required. Enrollment in the "D" session is required to participate in the June recital.

    Our Youth Program begins at age 7 with Pre-Ballet and at age 8 with Level I Ballet and Level I Tap. Level placement is determined in May for returning students, taking into consideration testing and input from the previous year's instructor. New students will be evaluated in a placement class during the first week of the August session. Enrollment is for the year, split into 4 session of 9 weeks each. Registration for leveled classes closes 6 weeks into each semester unless a student has previous dance experience.

    In-studio Performances will be scheduled the last or second-to-last Saturday of the first three sessions.


  • Children's Program Classes

    Duet (Parent/Child): Children walking to age 3 will explore movement and music with a parent or caregiver. Emphasis is on stimulating the child's mind and body through the use of music, instruments and props.

    Preschool Dance: Children ages 3 and 4 will dance and move in a stimulating environment focused on creativity, group interaction and the joy of self-expression.

    Rhythm and Movement: Children ages 3 and 4 will explore movement, music and rhythms in a stimulating environment focused on creativity, group interaction and the joy of self-expression.

    Class includes 20 minutes of Creative Movement and 20 minutes of Tap.

    Creative Movement: Children ages 5 and 6. Creative Movement classes encourage imagination, self-expression and group interaction while introducing basic ballet movement and music concepts. Students must turn 5 by December 31st.

    All Children's Program Classes:

    Classes meet once a week for a 9-week session.

    Students must be ready to participate in class without parental supervision, as class observation is limited to designated watch days.

  • Youth Program Ballet Classes

    Pre-Ballet: At the end of Pre-Ballet the children will have been introduced to ballet steps and terminology and the basics of dance. Classes meet once a week for 1 hour. Students must turn 7 by December 31st.

    Level I: Classes meet for 1 hour 15 min once a week. Students must turn 8 by December 31st.

    Level II: Classes meet for 1 hr two times per week. Students must turn 9 by December 31st

    Level III: Classes meet for 1 hr 30 min two times per week. Students must turn 10 by December 31st.

    Level III Pre-Pointe: Classes meet 45 min once per week. Students must be approved for pre-pointe class and attending Level III or higher.

    Level IV: Classes meet for 1 hr 30 min three times per week.

    Level V: Classes meet for 1 hr 30 min four times per week.

    Level VI: Classes meet for 1 hr 30 min five times per week, including company class.

    All Youth Program Classes:

    Classes meet the specified number of times per week. Enrollment is for the whole 18 week session. Enrollment for the year is encouraged to ensure adequate progression through the levels.

  • Youth Program Tap & Jazz Classes

    Level I Tap: Children 6+ will learn the fundamentals of tap including learning rhythm, sounds and coordination in a fun class. 

    Level II Tap: Children 8+ will expand on the rhythms and steps learned in Level I.

    Level I Lyrical Jazz: Children 8+ will work on flexibility and basic jazz steps, with age-appropriate choreography and music.